Motreal modernizes the sales area with NectarCRM

Get to know Montreal’s history, company specialized in hosting clubs that went through a revolution in the sales area when adopted NectarCRM.

“NectarCRM was a revolution in our working way”

About Montreal

Montreal is a comercializing hosting clubs company, having partner hotels all over the brazilian territory and now internacionally as well. It is in the market for over than 30 years and was originated by Banco do Brasil, being today one of the largest tourism groups of Brazil, couting with more than 200 collaboratives tied to the organization.

Its biggest goal is to always improve the business, and they say that are not stuck to commercializing only the hosting club, but also travel lists.

Previous CRM challenges ❌

Salesmen struggling to use the CRM

Before using NectarCRM, the sales team would rather to take notes in a notebook or at the computer’s notepad.

The management also realized that the consultants had difficulties using the CRM, what really disturbed the team’s productivity. It became clear that Montreal needed a more friendly tool for the salesman and which helped in the cultural change of the team.

“Before Nectar came over, our process was very outdated. We tried to use other CRM tools, although it wasn’t easy the salesman assimilation”, states Cleber Reis, Montreal’s sales manager.

Information loss about negotiations

The lack of culture for the CRM’s usage resulted in less informations for the manager to work, and an imminent risk of sales loss caused by some oblivion from the salesman.

“We used to rely a lot of what the salesman remembered of what was said to the customer. We had sales, but a sale without historical foundation, without an analysis about how its been created and in which point it became a client of ours”, states Cleber Reis.

Lack of integration between Marketing and Sales

Montreal already had a good maturity in digital marketing and lead generation.

However, the previous CRM did not provide the necessary support to receive these leads with all the information that the sales team needs. “The integration with our lead generator was archaic”, says Cleber Reis.

Few tools to the sales pipeline management

With the previous CRM, it wasn’t possible to have a correct pipeline management and, as a consequence, it wasn’t possible to manage the opportunities or give the correct feedbacks.

They needed a tool that fully supplied their needs of the pipeline.

“The previous CRM funnels didn’t fulfill our needs”, states Cleber Reis.

Why did they choose NectarCRM? ⚡

Intuitive and pratical tool

According to Cleber, it is possible to understand the reason of the choice, seen that Nectar is a much more friendly and easy understanding tool to the employee.

Yet, NectarCRM is able to provide all the tools that managers and salesmen need for a more productive routine.

“The first reason why I nominate Nectar is because the salesman will enjoy to use the CRM”

Fast implantation and assertive support

Many think that the CRM’s change is a complex and high risk process. However, Nectar developed a process that adapts to your reality, to asure safety and agility in the migration.

“Before all the history that we had here, it has been a quite easy change. When we talk about a systemical change, we think about many implantation months. But it was a pretty fast implantation. The support that has been given was able to fulfill our needs”.

After the CRM’s implantation, Nectar is always available to hear your solicitations and search for concrete solutions for your business.

“All the help and support that we needed has been given easily by phone, email and even face-to-face. In this question, it was all very quick and agile.”

Integrations for a 100% connected process

Less manual work and more time to develop the sales. Nectar worries about being connected to every system that belong to its routine.

“We were able to really conciliate all the processes and all the systemic integrations, searching for the team’s engagement and productivity increase”.

At Montreal, the main need was a full integration with the marketing automation, responsible for the qualified leads generation.

“Today, the lead confection – through RD Station Marketing – integrates itself perfectly to Nectar”.

High-end sales pipeline

With Nectar, there has been a revolution in the working way at Montreal, being able to manage the pipeline today, having notion of how the negotiations really are and how where the interactions with the client.

This way, also by the data and information centralization, it is possible to visualize and coordenate what is happening to each client, since he’s entrance to the pipeline until the end of the negotiation, or even at the reheating of that opportunity.

Today, each client is managed and analysed inside Nectar.

“Nectar is 100% of my operation and the sales team needs Nectar 100% of the time.”

+ than 100k happy salesmen!

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