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Check in directly at your appointments address, ensuring more transparency, assertiveness and productivity for your external meetings

Automatic Check-out

Between one appointment and another, there’s always too many things to remember.

Let the Nectar Mobile check out for you in an automated way and focus on what really matters.


Don’t get lost anymore without knowing where to start your tasks.

Before you start your daily journey, get quick and on hand access to all your activities and appointments.

Customer contact

Forget all the work you have between your cell phone schedule and communicating with your customers.

Make calls and send emails in an optimized way using the Nectar Mobile, not losing any important information for the contact.

Quick and organized access to all your customers’ information.

Registration data
+ Location

Interaction notes
+ Feedbacks

Opportunities in the pipeline
+ Deal history

Products under negotiation
+ Complete catalog

+ Performed Activities

Audio notes

In large service flows and in the locomotion of one appointment to another it is normal to find yourself without time to write down the records of each meeting.

Through audio notes you will be able to record everything you need in an optimized way and without wasting time writing.

Never miss important information in your meetings again.

Manage and move your pipeline from anywhere.

Create and update opportunities including information and traded products.

Create proposals using templates configured in Nectar Web.

Have a fully integrated system, expanding the view of your business operation from your computer to your cell phone.

Manage and move your pipeline from anywhere.

Create and update business opportunities including information and traded products.

Generate proposals using the templates configured in Nectar Web.

Imagine the freedom of going to meetings with only my cell phone and an app with everything I need

Adassa Jardim

Head os Sales

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