Oobj increases their comercial potential 2x with NectarCRM

Get to know Oobj’s history, company specialized at fiscal management and their perception about sales after our CRM.


of SDRs’ conversion taxes increase


of Inside Sales growth


medium cycle sales reduction

“All taxes at least doubled in a year.”

About Oobj

Oobj is a tech company that has the mission of taking a new fiscal management experience to the companies. The biggest goal of Oobj is taking innovation from the fiscal document to transform the fiscal management experience.

Sales area evolution:

  1. Technical profile founders were the responsables for the first sales
  2. Customers’ pains and needs understandment
  3. Evolution from the eSales Group comercial experience
  4. Need of a team with a good comercial speach – consultant sale
  5. Use of technologies for operational efficiency and metrics oriented management

Previous CRM challenges ❌

Salesmen struggling to use the CRM

Many times, the salesman would rather to take notes on paper or at a personal spreadsheet that to register at the CRM.

There was a lack of internal processes well established. Beyond that, the previous system was difficult to use, slight focused in the comercial process and lacking in intuitivity for the salesmen.

“I saw how much the sales team was misaligned with the growth level that the company was searching for” – Felipe Campos

Managers struggling to use the CRM

The managers had to learn how to code to make the comercial process more agile, because the previous system didn’t give the needed support for strategic changes wanted by the management.

As the system wasn’t capable of adapting to the internal processes, the comercial process had to be simplified.

By that means, the process was limited by the tool.

All that was very laborious, mainly at coding and configurating the CRM, to get a sustainable level of operation and management.

The lack of management metrics

To Felipe, “the main challenge was to have a comercial structure that really delivered some kind of intelligence”.

Goals weren’t set, there wasn’t a good demand generation and there weren’t clear indicators to the comercial management.

“That was the challenge: implement a technology and a process that told what was happening – or where was I mistaken, where was I hitting – to define a better planning”.

The lack of alignment between team and processes

“I needed my team to understand the level of importance that a process and its usage on daily basis had”.

“I needed to sit with everybody, give them a training, understand their difficulties and be able to make they have the same level of comercial and procedural habilities”.

Changes with the new CRM ⚡

More usability to the salesman

The comercial manager, with the change to NectarCRM, had a lot of ease in making the salesmen understand the tool and start usign it on daily bases.

“Nectar helped a lot to delight the salesman, not only the sales manager”. “We evaluated 3 to 4 CRMs and Nectar was between the firsts in UX (User Experience) terms”.

“It is a great solution to whom never had a CRM, or who has a below average CRM. Because it’s easier for the salesman to start using it with the less training possible”. “If it has the minimum to guide the salesman, he’ll have facility in learning to work with the CRM”.

“This question about how Nectar evolved to the salesman vision, I think it is a very important point. Because, if the salesman doesn’t buy the idea of using the tool, it doesn’t makes sense having a CRM”.

“The first reason why I nominate Nectar is because the salesman will enjoy to use the CRM”

Complete repports

Beyond that, Nectar’s repports also have been a strong decision factor.

“With Nectar’s repports, I have many variables in an automatical way, that really helps me to make decisions”.

“Being able to have that as a manager without needing to structure a repport or work the data has been one of the points that called my attention”. “I have already used like 20 different CRMs at the companies that I’ve been, and the repport level that NectarCRM delivers without needing customization is really good”.

“All I have to do to start a comercial operation is to take this operation to a scale level that I already have there. It already comes all ready to me: I just have to click and select what I want”.

At the CEO’s point of view, Nectar CRM’s repports and dashboards bring a general vision of the operation, going beyond the comercial operation. “A thing that Nectar is helping us a lot with is at the implantation process of our solution”.

“Nectar has helped us with between areas metrics, not only in the comercial area”

Support and implantation

Other decisive factor to choose Nectar as a CRM was the close relationship:

“We had more facility to contact Nectar’s team. The same readiness that I had from the sales team wanting to solve my problems, I had at the implantation”.

In technical support terms: “It is very rare for us to trigger it. Support gets in action for solving bugs, but that is very rare to happen”.

CS (Customer Success) follow-up

“The main thing that I value in Nectar’s CRM is the readiness for response. When we call our CS, in less than 5 minutes Gleydson already answers and we already get a horizon to solve the problem”.

“One of the worst things that I suffered with at the previous software was to call the CS or the support and don’t know if the problem was going to be solved or not”.

“Gleydson, our CS at Nectar, enters to develop an action plan. He already enters very aligned with the step-by-step of how to solve that problem”. “I am positive that Nectar’s team is ready with me to solve any situations”.

“This level of trust in the team that is at the other side is very important at the time of choosing a CRM.”

Product evolution

“Nectar is evolving during time with a product more and more adherent to the client’s needs”.

“Our goal is to grow in a predictible and scalable way. So, I’ve got to have a tool that helps me to identify the lacks and where do I need to get better and advance with me in the daily needs”.

+ than 100k happy salesmen!

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