Capture leads with smarter forms

Create and manage forms for leads captation in a simple and intuitive way, at a single place.
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Centered informations

Our tool allows the creation of customized forms or, if you prefer, ready forms at your landing page. Making data easy and centralized for comercial process optimization.

A range of possibilities

Create, edit and adapt the form to your target audience or use the ready models we provide to you!

Your form where you want it to be

Share your form wherever you want: it might be at one of your site’s sessions or even through our WordPress plugin. There are endless possibilities!

Numbers that make a difference

Know the performance of each campagne you create, its conversions, who visited it and more!

With a few clicks and a simple visualization of the results, you might have insights about your strategy and optimize your campagnes.

Ready to capture more leads with Nectar?

Start your journey at captating leads that convert and provide more results to your company!